SMB Services

Core Services – at a Glance

  • Maintenance

    Technical support for your network, servers and workstations, managed by our Agents.

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  • Planning

    Helping Small to Medium Businesses make wise decisions regarding their goals for IT infrastructure.

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  • Project

    A project can be a network upgrade or setting up a new network at a new or remote office.

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    • Consultation

      Not sure what the problem is, call us in. Once the problem is identified a Veridan Agent will then suggest the best possible solution and provide a free estimate for repairs.

    • Service & Repairs

      Our service & repairs is geared at not only repairing the problem being experienced but also ensuring that the problem does not return.

    • Wired Networking

      Got your internet connection up and running and the technician was unable to install it on more than one computer. A Veridan Agent will assess the layout of your office and recommend a feasible solution.

    • Wireless Networking

      Our Agents will come in and design an effective wireless solution for your office paying special attention to details that matter to you.

    • Network Maintenance

      We will diagnose the problems associated with the existing network and work to re-establish connectivity, reduce sluggish and congested networks as well as minimize downtime.

    • Server, Storage & Backup

      Multiply your power. Veridan SSB Solutions are among the simplest ways for businesses to get the power they need to help boost productivity and transform their business.

  • Structured Cabling

    • Proper Foundation
    • Best Options
    • Cost-effective Hardware
    • Eliminate Downtime
  • Security

    • Office Security
    • CCTV – IP – Anti Intruder
    • Industry Standard
    • Mobile Ready
  • Point of Sale

    • Installation, Service & Support
    • Easy to Use
    • Fast & Accurate
    • Our Software is FREE

Recent Case Studies

  • Press Play Jukebox

    System building, installation and configuration of small form factor media PCs for Press Play Juke box.