• Over 5 Years On The Market

    Time sure does fly, but as we enter our fifth year in business we look back at all the customers we have serviced, our trials and challenges, while we plan ahead for our future.


  • 2008

    • Veridan Solutions Ltd is Founded
    • Veridan awarded first contract
    • Opened doors in Port-of-Spain
    • Completed First security job

    Veridan was founded in 2008 to take on a TSTT Subcontract attained by one of our founders. Once the contract had ended because of the IT background of the Directorship we decided to put together a suite of small business IT services.

  • 2009

    • Veridan establishes portfolio
    • Positions itself as a Small Business IT Provider
    • First Maintenance Contract achieved
    • First Security Contract achieved

    After putting together a specially tailored Business Technology portfolio, Veridan takes the market at large attaining its first Monthly Maintenance contract and Security Contract.

  • 2010

    • Nigel & Warren are brought on board
    • Veridan does its first SMB website
    • Veridan achieves its first eCommerce website
    • We open our Digital Portfolio to new clients

    This year was a year for growth, we expanded our board by two additional members adding a wealth of experience and knowledge in Technology to our competency as well as we opened up our Digital offerings to the market at large.


Many victories and learning experiences is what best sums up the last three years, increasing our client base and solution offerings to include Hosting and Point of Sale, moving head offices to Diego Martin and Working on our first campaign for a regional entity. We are very excited about what we have achieved for our clients and the ideas we have waiting for the one’s we have yet to meet.


This year we have simplified our business focusing on what matters to our clients and redefining what it means to be an IT business in Trinidad & Tobago. With the continued business from our clients and support from our community we enjoy being able to bring to you the best Technology and Innovation has to offer.


We continue to evolve strategic competencies to support customer’s sustainability and success. We remain dedicated to helping combine today’s best technologies in selected areas, supporting our customer’s core competence and integrating it into everyday business practices. In this way, we help ensure our customer’s visions come to fruition and that our customers can maintain their competitiveness and succeed.

What We Are Proud Of

  • Our KPI’s aren’t measured in dollars and cents. We measure Value, Quality and Delivery.

    Clients believe in our ability to bring them the best solution, and we reinforce that trust by giving it our 100% every time.

  • 31 Happy Clients

  • 155 Finished Projects